(Photos) Behavior Not Becoming of a Priest

By on June 16, 2019

Following news that Fr. Evagoras Constantinides was fired from his position at Ionian Village, the summer travel camp of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, for using fireworks to awaken campers, photographs have emerged showing Constantinides in dance positions not becoming of a priest.

In villages throughout Greece, priests were always present with their flock— at their sad moments, as well as celebrations. Yes, priests dance. After all, the traditional “demotika” are part of our Greek folkloric traditions.

The drunken “zeibek’s” dance, is not part of our folkloric tradition and Constantinides should have known better.

Still— if he didn’t, laying on the floor in his robes and putting a cup of what is intended to be a shot of liquor— is certainly not becoming of a clergyman in a leadership position shepherding young people who will form their opinions of priestly life.

Look at the faces on the young girls. What are they thinking? Is this normal? And after seeing their spiritual father on the floor like that with flowers being tossed on him like some cheap bouzouki singer— they are supposed to take the body and blood of Christ from his hand?

Plain and simple, it’s disrespectful to the “rasa” that he is wearing, not to mention undignified.


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