Greek Australians Place Parthenon Marbles Replica… Above a Burger Joint

By on November 26, 2017

Surely the Greek Australian community in Melbourne could have found a better location to place replicas of the Parthenon Marbles than on top of a burger joint.

A replica of part of the frieze from the world-famous Greek treasures that once were on the Parthenon big we’re stripped off and hauled to England in the 1800s was placed on the headquarters of The Greek Centre in central Melbourne.

Granted, it’s a busy corner in the city’s central business district and the building belongs to the Greek community.

All sorts of wonderful things take place inside that building— classes, workshops, events, all promoting Greek culture and given its location, millions of people every year will see the replica of these Greek masterpieces.

And yes, the community needs street-level tenants— even hamburger joints— to help cover its expenses.

But one must ask— what message is sent to the world when a replica of the very treasures whose return we seek from the British Museum are placed… above a burger joint. What were they thinking?

Aesthetically speaking, it’s an embarrassment and those responsible should have picked a better spot to place this important symbol of Greek excellence.


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