Spoiler Alert! Second Wedding in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Revealed as Sequel Premiers Down Under

By on March 7, 2016

Months of speculation is over about exactly who is getting married in the second installment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding after British media The Daily Mail reported from the film’s premier in Sydney, Australia.

The film’s publicity has always referred to “another” big, fat Greek wedding but up to now, producers were hush about the details of the film.

According to The Daily Mail, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will be focused around the parents of bride— Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie Kazan)— who discover their 1946 wedding certificate never got signed and they are not legally married.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will be released in cinemas across Australia on Thursday, March 24 and America on Friday March 25.


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