Where are the Powerful Greek Americans When We Need them Most?

By on June 16, 2015

All those photo-ops with Presidential candidates and millions of dollars in political donations. All of those White House meetings with the president and boasts of being the only ethnic group in America to enjoy such status with the Administration. All of those greased Senators and members of the House of Representatives whose fundraisers we attend (and write checks to) in fancy homes… The so called “Greek lobby” in Washington and the Hellenic Caucus, comprised of representatives who claim to have Greek-US interests in mind on Capitol Hill.

Where are they all?

Where are the political donors who will pay thousands to sit at a restaurant for 30 minutes with Barack Obama and other candidates— the way Alexi Giannoulias did in Chicago several years ago at a $25,000 a person dinner held there?

Where is the Manatos family and their years— generations— of political connections in Washington?

Where are the millionaires and billionaires claiming to love Greece so much who have access to high places and people in Washington?

Where are these so-called “Leaders” of the councils, the institutes, initiatives and the federations who scream and shout and write letters and start petitions?

Where is the Church— that close relationship that the Archbishop of America, Demetrios, supposedly has with President Obama? Wouldn’t now be about the right time for that one phone call that friends make to friends when friends are in need? It could also be the omnipotent Fr. Alexander Karloutsos— the one every President knows by first name— “Fr. Alex” as they have endearingly called him.

That phone call could go something like this:

“Mister President, it’s Archbishop Demetrios. Remember all of those warm hugs and remarks in Selma when we marched together? Remember all of those great receptions you hosted at the White House where you extolled the great brotherhood between Greece and the United States? Well now is when we really need your influence in saving Greece, because Greece is going to hell, very soon.”

Barack Obama could solve this crisis in a heartbeat, by exerting pressure on both sides— real pressure, to each to take a step back and realize what everyone has to lose.

But it appears that no one is pressuring him to do so. Certainly not the “powerful” Greek American presence in the United States.

While Rome burns, it appears that we are sitting back and planning our summer holidays to the Greek Islands.

Hopefully they will still be there in one piece when everyone gets there.

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