Archon of the Greek Orthodox Church; NY State Senate Leader Dean Skelos Arrested on Corruption Charges

By on May 5, 2015

Dean Skelos, a prominent New York state politician and leader of the New York State Senate has been arrested on corruption charges. Skelos’ son Adam was also arrested. The two face federal corruption charges on extortion, fraud and bribe solicitation.

The charges against Senator Skelos, 67, and his son, Adam B. Skelos, 32, were detailed in a six-count criminal complaint that quickly became mandatory reading material in the Capitol building. Politicians and their staff members pored over the 43-page complaint — an often titillating document that included references to burner phones, secretly taped conversations and strong-arm tactics.

Skelos was involved in Greek American community life and often appeared alongside Archbishop Demetrios and other community leaders at major functions, including the signing of the agreement to re-build St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero, which was destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Given the title of “Archon Hieromnimon” or The Grand Overseer— Skelos was also appointed an Archon of the Greek Orthodox Church.

A Republican from Long Island, Skelos was accused of taking illegal actions to benefit companies his son was affiliated with and taking kickbacks.

“Dean Skelos’s support for certain infrastructure projects and legislation was often based not on what was good for his constituents or good for New York, but rather on what was good for his son’s bank account,” said Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, which oversaw the case against Skelos.

The 43-page complaint, sworn out by Paul M. Takla, a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, outlines a five-year scheme to “monetize” the senator’s official position; it also lays bare the extent to which a father sought to use his position to help his son.


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