Where are the Women?

By on April 3, 2015
Photo: National Hellenic Society

Every wonder where the women are in our community organizations? A glance at the leadership in some of the Greek American community’s local and national organizations reveals the stark truth that as an ethnic group, we still relegate our women to the sidelines when it comes to leadership positions.

Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum doesn’t have a single woman on its executive committee or board of directors, despite a huge talent pool of successful Chicago women of Greek descent.

The Hellenic Initiative– the newest kid on the Greek American block which boasts the likes of Dow Chemical’s Andrew Liveris and Coke’s Muhtar Kent as founders and board members also has no women in board or leadership positions.

As expected, the Greek Orthodox Church’s Faith Endowment— also known as the “billionaire boy’s club” of the Greek world has female members (of course we’ll take your money, ma’am– but please stay in the kitchen where you belong) but tellingly, not a single woman on board leadership.

Check out, as well, the esteemed members of the board of directors of The National Hellenic Society— also known as the Greek golf club. Where are the women? Not there either– not a single lady qualifies to be on this board either.

The most shocking part of this whole thing is that Greek American women– known to be strong, educated and independent women, have been largely silent on this phenomenon.

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