New York Times Gives One Star to Dueling Greek Seafood Restaurants in Manhattan

By on April 12, 2015

What may come as a surprise to many New York City diners is the recent review the newspaper gave Milos— an institution in the city since 1997 and a favorite amongst the city’s elite. The one-star rating came in a review in which the food critic, Pete Wells, drew comparisons between the elder Milos, and the newer “variation” Limani, just a few blocks away near Rockefeller Center.

The review began by drawing uncanny coincidences between the two restaurants and the similarities they shared, in menu and other aspects.

“You might write this off to an uncanny coincidence if you didn’t know that this Milos is a branch of one in Montreal and that this Limani is a branch of one in Roslyn, N.Y., whose founding manager worked in the Milos company for 16 years. The first chef in Roslyn was the original chef at Milos in New York. The owners have kept up traditions in Manhattan. Their kitchen is in the hands of M. J. Alam, who used to be the executive chef at Milos. Release the spiny lobsters: We have a fish fight.”

Read the New York Times story here.


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