Manatos Attacks Destructive Washington Politics

By on April 4, 2015

In what is purportedly an attempt to come to the rescue of an embattled friend, veteran Washington DC lobbyist and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce Andrew E. Manatos penned a damning piece in his Huffington Post column discussing the disastrous impacts of dirty Washington DC blame-game politics that seek to discredit elected officials.

Melendez, a friend of the Greek lobby in Washington DC and long-time advocate for issues of importance to Greek Americans and long-time Manatos ally has come under fire following an indictment by the Justice Department for a long string of offenses, including fraud and bribery.

“For those who work with the Congress, smelling the occasional crooks among the hard working public servants is not difficult. And, too frequently, we see the innocent attacked. The investigations and prosecution of Senators Ted Stevens, John McCain and national hero John Glenn come to mind, as does the impending case against Senator Bob Menendez,” Manatos writes.

The full column is here.

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