Former Greek Orthodox Priest Guilty of Sexually Abusing Boys

By on April 4, 2015

A former Greek Orthodox priest charged with sexual abuse of a child has been convicted on all four counts, including child pornography and violation of privacy charges.

A judge delivered the verdict Tuesday against 52-year-old Adam Metropoulos. Sentencing will be in a couple of weeks. Metropoulos had already pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

“I do find beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant guilty,” said Justice Ann Murray said in court on March 17th.

The trial began with testimony from a former altar boy at St. George Greek Orthodox Church who said he had been sexually assaulted by Metropoulos when slept at the priest’s home as a teenager. The man, now 23, says he often pretended to be asleep during the assaults.

Metropoulos has been unable to make bail since his arrest in September, according to a local newspaper.

Metropoulos moved from Saginaw, Michigan to Maine back in 1990.


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