Chicago’s Greek Star Ceases Publishing After More than a Century in the Community

By on April 3, 2015

Three years after taking over the publishing of Chicago’s Greek Star newspaper, publisher John Vlahakis called it quits— at least for the print edition. In an editorial on the newspaper’s website, he cited national trends away from print publishing and said the publication would be back in digital format.

Chicago businessman Peter Lambros founded the newspaper in 1904 to serve tens of thousands of Greek immigrants in the area. The newspaper ran for more than a century before shutting down in early 2015.

Despite telling Daily Frappe in 2012 that he saw a bright future for the publication, he decided to close its doors.

“Ethnic papers are the one bright spot in the media world. It’s a very specific marketplace to work in. It is the one area that has been able to hold its own. Beyond that, it makes good business sense. The Greek Star is a very important part of our community. For me, this was a social investment to make sure that this paper continues its mission for our community,” Vlahakis said in 2012.


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